About us

Welcome to our world of discounts!

You can choose to pay more for the exact same product if that makes you feel more comfortable!

Discount Offers Store aims to find popular products that already sell well and have great reviews, but at discounted prices. This means that our prices aim to be better than anywhere else that you might see them for sale.

When I say 'discounted' I mean that the price should be better than even the biggest online stores. You can check this out for yourself. In some cases we have displayed the live Amazon price on our product page. In any case, you get our personal attention and the guaranteed service that comes with great product knowledge.

There are so many outlets claiming to have discounted prices but often, a quick Google search will reveal that their claims of 'cheaper than anywhere else' are misleading.

Our mission is to have genuinely cheaper prices than anywhere else for the same quality product. Sometimes we have branded products, sometimes not, but all of them have been tried and tested by customers all over the world already. We are not bringing new products to the market, but we are bringing better prices and better service on existing products.

We scour the internet for the best prices on popular products... and then beat them!

So if you don't want to pay more than you need to, then look no further than discount-offers-store.com your best choice for discounted products!

Simon Kemp Owner, Discount Offers Store

Hi, I'm Simon Kemp and I'm the proprietor of Discount Offers Store.

I love finding bargain products on the internet and became so good at it that all my friends and family would ask me to find products for them at better prices than regular retail and online outlets.

Eventually I thought I would turn this hobby into a business and Discount Offers Store was born.

Discount Offers Store is a trading name of Jemms (UK) Ltd.

If you need any information about anything on this site then please do contact us.