Koowheel Electric Longboard Skateboard

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    The Koowheel Electric Longboard Skateboard is a marvel of precision engineering and quality construction. This electric skateboard is true longboard length and made with 7 layers of Canadian maple for flexibility & durability. The 2 powerful 350 watt motors can propel the board up to 20 mph for a range of up to 20 miles. Depending on the riders weight and terrain, you can easily get all the way across campus and back on this board with one charge.

    For those new to skateboarding, we do recommend learning without power at first, get used to riding the board manually and then turn on the juice when you know what you are doing! For expert skateboarders who want to go just that little bit (i.e. a lot) faster, have a ball with the high powered motors and use the remote control in your hand for braking while you ride. You can even switch this baby into reverse with the remote for some serious trick riding.

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    In use: We noticed that the trucks (axels) are a little stiff straight from the factory so we recommend that you loosen them off with the nut underneath each one before you take the board out. After you have loosened the trucks you will be able to lean and turn like a pro.

    We do not recommend that you try doing tricks on this board because the battery hangs underneath the board and will get damaged if you ride on kerbs. Other than that, its a skateboard but much, much faster!

    Safety gear: We recommend that safety gear is always worn. You do need a helmet and gloves. Even if you are a skate pro you will be surprised by how fast you can travel on this board. 15 mph is pretty fast for a skateboard and you can take it up to 20 if you have the skill and nerve.

    Water & dust resistant: This product is both water and dust resistant to protect the internal electronics. It is not fully waterproof, so don't take it into the bath. You can use it in wet conditions without a problem.

    Strong grip tape on deck: Because steering by leaning is so important when riding a skateboard, this sturdy longboard has tough and thick black grip tape running the full length of the deck. You won't lose your grip even at speed.

    Lights: There are lights on both the board itself and the remote to let you know the charge state of the batteries. Never run out of juice with these indicator lights. Even if you do, you can get home by using the board like a regular non powered skateboard!

    Remote control: The remote is a small unit that you hold while riding. It has a toggle that you can use to either accelerate or brake. You can also switch the direction of travel with the remote, but only do this while you are stationary. The remote can be charged by using the included USB cable and connected to any regular USB charging port.

    Charging: The certified battery will charge from empty within 4-5 hours but you should not let it get completely flat. Best to keep it on the charger when not in use for extended periods to keep the battery topped up, then you're always ready to go. This will also extend the Lithium Ion battery life.


    • Power: 350 watts x 2
    • Brand: Koowheel
    • Certification: CE,UL,FCC
    • Range per Charge: 10 - 20 miles
    • Battery: 36v 4400mah Lithium-ion
    • Speed: 10-20 mph
    • Frame Material: 7-Layers of Canadian Maple Wood
    • Maximum load of longboard: 265 lbs
    • Battery Brand: Samsung
    • Remote control: yes

    Safety Certifications:

    • Safety Certification: CE RoHS FCC UN38.3 UL2272
    • UL 2272 Certified Charger
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    • Warranty on manufacturing and materials defects on the skateboard for 12 months from the date of purchase
    • The charger has a warranty of 30 days from the date of purchase.
    • proof of purchase required

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    • If your item is significantly different from the product description, you can return it and get a full refund within 15 days of purchase
    • The item must be unused and in it's original packaging
    • The customer must pay for return shipping to the Discount offers Store address on our contact page
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